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Online course "Introduction to financial modeling"

A course by Akselrod Academy and IREBS Immobilienakademie

New business school graduates face an increasingly competitive job-market. No longer does academic performance guarantee a position in investment banking, research or asset management. Indeed, today’s finance interviews often focus more on practical experience than on classroom learning.

Equally, professionals already in the workforce often lack the know-how necessary for career advancement or to transition into the financial services sector. So what can new graduates and existing professionals do, if they possess little or no relevant work experience? Simple – learn the practical skills required on the job. In finance, one skillset above all others is at the top of this list – financial modeling.

Whether it be a position in corporate finance, M&A or private equity. Whether it be a career in real-estate fund management, or as an analyst at a listed real estate company. Financial projections are almost always at the heart of the job.

This online video and Excel course now gives aspiring analysts the chance to acquire this essential skillset. Using video lectures, Excel exercises and detailed step-by-step instruction manuals, the online course guides students through every step of the financial modeling process.


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Target group

  • Master and undergraduate students with some prior knowledge of accounting or corporate finance, interested in supplementing classroom learning with hands-on training in financial modeling.
  • Professionals trying to transition into the financial services industry or add to their existing skillsets in order to improve opportunities for career-advancement. The fully accredited course is an ideal complement to other IRE|BS programs such the Executive Real Estate MBA or the Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst.


Course Tution:
Excluding Exit Exam

500,- €
excl. VAT

Cours Tution:
+ Exit Exam

650,- €
excl. VAT

Participants sitting the online exit exam will receive a Certificate of Completion from IREBS, following successful completion of the exam. Course participants passing the optional exit exam will receive a graded “Certificate of Completion” + 3 ECTS credits from IREBS.


Prof. Dr. Tobias Just about the online course "Introduction to financial modeling"


Course Outline

Module 1

Financial Statement Analysis

Analysis, adjustment and simplification of published financials to set up the model

  • Combining published P&L line items into simplified modelline items
  • Using financial statement notes to filter out non-cash andnon-recurring income and expenses
  • Introducing non-accounting terms: NOI, EBITDA, FFO
  • Creating a complete model P&L using published financials, from top line revenue through bottom line FFO
  • Adjusting the published Balance Sheet
  • Modeling exercise: Calculating analyst-adjusted FFO from published financials

Module 2

Modeling the P&L

P&L modeling from top-line revenue through bottom line FFO, excluding more complex interest expense and D&A calculations

  • Revenue modeling: organic rental income and external rents
  • Modeling exercise & step-by-step video solution:modeling revenue
  • Modeling NOI, EBITDA, EBIT and Profit before Tax
  • Modeling cash taxes, JV income and FFO
  • Modeling exercise & step-by-step video solution: modeling the P&L with placeholders for D&A and interestexpense

Module 3

Modeling the blanche sheet

Balance Sheet modeling including all assets and liabilities, but excluding cash, debt and equity

  • Modeling investment property and equity investments
  • Modeling PP&E and D&A, previously omitted
  • Modeling receivables, payables and other assets
  • Modeling exercise & step-by-step video solution: modeling the balance sheet, excluding cash, debt and equity

Module 4

Modeling the Cash-Flow-Statement

Cash-Flow Statement modeling including operating cash flow and changes in assets and liabilities. Includes modeling of cash, debt and equity balances and interest expense, previously omitted

  • Modeling operating cash flow after dividends
  • Modeling changes in assets and liabilities
  • Modeling cash, debt and interest expense
  • Finalizing FFO and FFO per share calculations
  • Modeling exercise & step-by-step video solution: modeling the cash-flow statement including cash and debt schedules
  • Refining model assumptions, using management guidance