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Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) - Course of studies at the IREBS Real Estate Academy for real estate specialists and manager from Munich

The Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) Master's programme at the IREBS Real Estate Academy offers real estate specialists, executives and junior manager from Munich - working in the areas of portfolio management, real estate analysis, institutional investments, project development, project management as well as in the fields of real estate financing, consulting and regulation - outstanding professional training while they are working, with excellent study conditions at top universities worldwide.

In addition to studying at the IREBS Real Estate Academy locations in Berlin, Eltville (near Frankfurt) and Regensburg, students get to consolidate their international management and real estate expertise, particularly during their lectures and excursions at the universities of Harvard, Reading (UK) and Singapore.

The IREBS Real Estate Academy works very closely with renowned partners such as Harvard University and the University of Reading. In Singapore, students explore real estate properties on site with the ESSEC ASIA Business School and learn about the thinking behind the growing interest shown by Asian investors in Europe.

Successful graduates are awarded the academic title of "Master of Business Administration" by the University of Regensburg.

All lectures are held in English.

Attractive career opportunities on the national and international real estate market

The Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) at the IREBS Real Estate Academy:

• will increase your professional and management competence in the real estate industry on a national and international level and help you secure a sustainable competitive advantage over others on the market,

• will enable you to acquire sound specialist knowledge in order to explore or follow new career paths,

• will enable you, as a student, to benefit from the courses delivered by renowned professors such as Prof. Dr. Tobias Just (FRICS), Prof. Dr. Stephan Bone-Winkel and Prof. Éamonn D'Arcy (Reading), Fernando Levy-Hara (Harvard), Ta-Wie Chao (Singapore), as well as from the excellent reputation of the IREBS Real Estate Academy as a renowned institute for professional training which is part of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Regensburg.

The Executive MBA in Real Estate with an international focus at the IREBS Real Estate Academy comprises a total of three study modules and concludes with the subsequent master's thesis. Over a period of 15 months, students receive excellent preparation for their new or enhanced management and leadership tasks in the real estate industry. The course of study comprises the following modules:


Module 1 | Economics

Students start the Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) with the Economics module. In this module central economic principles and economic concepts specifically aimed at management tasks in international real estate business are taught. (Students should already be familiar with the basics of micro- and macroeconomics or with basic principles of economics). Building on this, the module expands to include other economic topics such as "Internationalisation of real estate and capital markets", "Behavioural economics", "Real estate cycles and forecast models", "Real estate taxation", "Demographic developments in the real estate sector", as well as "Urban economic and real estate market developments".

In order to apply what they have learned directly, students complete the module with the case study on "Building up an international real estate portfolio at macro level". The Economics module is designed to last 11 days and is held at the sites in Regensburg and Eltville (900-year-old Eberbach Monastery).


Module 2 | General Management

In the General Management module, students focus on the central issues, which arise at management level for international real estate market manager. The business concepts acquired through the preceding Economics module form the basis here for the content, i.e. "Fundamentals of international accounting", "International real estate valuations", "Financial modelling", "Strategic real estate financing in practice" and "Development of real estate projects". The students are thus well prepared for the complex requirements in their managerial roles in order to master the international management tasks in the real estate industry with excellent expertise.

In addition to the traditional business management basics, the General Management module also teaches additional aspects such as "Business and negotiation management", "Business ethics" and "Corporate governance".

The General Management module is designed to last 21 days and is also held in Regensburg and Eltville (Eberbach Monastery).

Module 3 | International Real Estate Business

The Master's programme also enables students to expand and consolidate their real estate expertise on an international level and to network.

Within the framework of interactive lectures at the prestigious Harvard University, students discuss specific real estate projects and transactions with distinguished lecturers and leading figures from the international real estate industry. In the process, they learn at first hand how to assess the opportunities and pitfalls of the international real estate market and how to develop and implement suitable strategies. The lectures take place on the Harvard campus.

As they continue their Master's degree, students expand their real estate expertise in the field of "International real estate valuations" in lectures at the University of Reading and learn about the advantages of various "Investment and financing instruments". They also obtain and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of English-speaking real estate markets and their development. During a two-day excursion through London students have the opportunity to form an accurate picture of the historical and future real estate developments in Britain. They also get to know British real estate companies and real estate operators and have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in direct interaction with local real estate specialists.

Your trip will also take them to the ESSEC campus in Singapore. Here they will have the opportunity to learn more about the urban development of the city of Singapore in the context of the huge challenges facing building developments in a confined environment. They will also have the opportunity to meet local investors and learn from them. With its balanced mix of theory-based lectures and practical site visits, the study visit will provide students with a precise understanding of the local challenges in all real estate-related market segments. In addition, the students will gain a better understanding of the investment efforts being made by Asian investors in the European real estate market.

The International Real Estate module is spread over 15 days and takes place abroad in Harvard, Reading and Singapore.

Module 4 | Master's thesis

The Master's thesis marks the end of the Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) programme at the IREBS Real Estate Academy. Three months is set aside for preparing the Master's thesis. The topic may have a relevance to the student's employer as long as academic objectives are maintained. The students will be supported by their personal supervisor in choosing a topic and defining the structure of the thesis.


Further information about the Executive MBA in Real Estate (International)

The Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) covers a period of 15 months. The first two modules are held within the first 8 months in Regensburg, Berlin and Eltville (Eberbach Monastery). The international part of the course covers a total of three weeks spread to take place within the first 11 months. A three-month Master's thesis follows the modules.


Your career path begins with the Executive MBA in Real Estate (International) at the IREBS Real Estate Academy

Once you have successfully completed all the modules and the Master's thesis, you will be awarded the title "Master of Business Administration (MBA)" by the Faculty of Economics at the University of Regensburg.

The course has RICS accreditation from the internationally renowned Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Would you like to enrol for the "Executive MBA in Real Estate (International)" at the IREBS Real Estate Academy or do you require more information? Please call us on +49 (0)6723 9950-30 or send an e-mail to