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Onlineseminar "Real Estate in China 2021" english

An online offer about the major real estate markets in China in 2021

Seminar Onlineseminar "Real Estate in China 2021" english
Dauer 2 days
Zahlungsbedingungen 495,00  | Online lectures in a livestream by Webex
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Anke Schneider

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When and where

Für das Seminar

For Whom?

For real estate professionals who want to refresh their knowledge of the Chinese real estate market. This online seminar is part of the Executive MBA in Real Estate International and is also available to non-participants.
The seminar is therefore primarily aimed at international companies who want to expand or refresh their knowledge of the real estate market in China.




495,- €
plus the statutory VAT

Reduced price:
+ for IREBS Immobilienakademie Alumni
+ for  IMMOEBS and  IREBS Core Members

445,50 €
plus the statutory VAT



What can I expect?

China’s economy has been expanding strongly for roughly four decades after ending its self-determined isolation in 1978. Today, China’s nominal GDP stands at approximately 14 trillion USD, almost one hundred times higher than in 1978. 
This development has transformed not only the economy, but also Chinese cities. There are now almost 700 million people more  living in China’s cities and this has created enormous challenges for city planners as well as huge opportunities for developers, construction companies and real-estate investors. Though there are significant limitations to direct real-estate investments for foreign investors, it is important to understand the market for three reasons:

(1) China has become the second biggest economy on the planet and will continue to have an impact on how we live, work and consume.

(2) China has developed into a dynamic engine of ideas. It is worth studying developments in China, as there are plenty of lessons we can learn.

(3) It is not impossible to participate in the Chinese growth momentum, and there have been frequent regulatory changes in the past and it is still true that opportunities favour the prepared mind. With this in mind, this seminar tries to open your views on a market that you might not have looked at before, but that might be much more relevant for you in the future.”

Day 1

23 April 2021

2.00 p. m.
Prof. Tobias Just, FRICS (IREBS Immobilienakademie)

  • Opening

2.10 p. m.
Prof. Qinna Shen, Ph.D (Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, USA)

  • Contemporary Sino-German Relations: Culture and Politics

3.00 p. m.
Prof. Wolfgang Maennig (University Hamburg)

  • The New Chinese Silk Road: Implications for Europe

4.15 p. m. - COFFEEBREAK

4.30 p. m.
Qian Ma (Clifford Chance) - Video

  • Legal framework of real property assets in China — in terms of development and influences of foreign investment in the Chinese real estate market

5.00 p. m.
Jan Kiesel LL.M. M.Sc. (EY)

  • Tax Structuring of European Capital into Chinese Real Estate Investments

6.00 p. m. - END

Day 2

24 April 2021

9.30 a. m.
Prof. Florian Hackelberg, MRICS (HAWK University)

  • Real Estate Valuation in China

10.00 a. m.
Hela Hinrichs (JLL)

  • How far is Mainland China on their road to recovery?

10.30 a. m.
Prof. Bing Zhu (Technical University of Munich)

  • The Development of REIT Markets in Greater China

11.00 a. m. - COFFEEBREAK

11.15 a. m.
Chenhui Xia (Helaba Invest)

  • Investing in Chinese Real Estate Market – Dos and Don´ts

11.45 a. m.
Xin Lu (ECE)

  • Shopping Center Developments in China - CaseStudy
  • Panel Discussion with Xin Lu, Markus Schedensack and Prof. Tobias Just

12.50 p. m.
Jerry Yin (Tishman Speyer, Shanghai)

  • ChangAn Mills, a sustainable development, 2. Case Study

1.35 p. m. - END