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Executive MBA in Real Estate Finance

Real estate is a complex asset, and property investment markets have become very competitive. The Executive MBA in Real Estate Finance was designed to give real-estate professionals a competitive edge over other market players, providing them with the tools to compete in an international investment world, applying modern financial structures and vehicles. The course is directed at real-estate professionals who wish to shape the industry sustainably and to gain a better understanding of property finance and investment.

Study Course Executive MBA in Real Estate Finance
Study locations Eltville (Rhein-Main-Area), Regensburg, Frankfurt
Duration 15-20 Month
Tuition fee from 18.950,- Euro  | Early booking discount: Save 1.000,- Euro by registration till 31 May before study start.
Degree "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) / 60 ECTS &
"Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst" (DVFA/IREBS)


Academic directors
Prof. Dr. Tobias Just FRICS
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schäfers
Prof. Dr. Michael Dowling

Study director
Markus Hesse

Study manager
Anke Schneider

  +49 (0)6723 9950-30
+49 (0)6723 9950-35


When and where

03.09.2019 – 20.08.2021
Eltville (Rhein-Main-Gebiet), Regensburg, Frankfurt


The course is aimed at working professionals and lasts 15-20 months. The modules take place in Regensburg, Eltville (near Frankfurt) and Frankfurt (downtown).

3 months are reserved for the master thesis.

Students spend 51 lecture days at IREBS real estate. This results to 42 net working days. One day of the program will be done in an Assignment.

If students finished the program Certified real estate investment finance in the past and obtain missing ECTs credit points or qualifications in another way. It’s possible to finish the MBA Finance in a short way inbetween 34 days.


Tuition fee:  

19.950,- €

Early bird rate:
for bookings until 31 May

18.950,- €

Reduced tuition fee:
for graduates of our certified real-estate investment analyst programme

13.950,- €

Reduced tuition fee:
for graduates of our executive programmes Real Estate Economics

17.950,- €

Reduced tuition fee:
for IMMOEBS and IREBS CORE members

18.950,- €

All figures exempt from VAT. The tuition fee does not cover costs for travel, accommodation or meals. 

These offers are not cumulative.

The tuition fee is paid in instalments:

I. Instalment (20 %)
due 14 days after receipt of the written confirmation of admission

II. Instalment (40 %)
at the start of the first module

III. Instalment (40 %)
at the start of the second module


Upon successful completion of all modules, the degree “Master of Business Administration” will be awarded by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Regensburg. Successful graduates also lead the title “Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst” by DVFA/IREBS.

The completed program is equivalent to
60 ECTS credits.

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§ Admission Requirements

Applicants should submit an application for admission to the course. The requirements include:

  • at least a three-year university degree (180 ECTS) in business studies, economics, law, urban planning, architecture, engineering, etc. from a University, University of Applied Sciences or Cooperative University
  • at least 60 ECTS of post-graduate courses in real estate related subjects, e.g. Real Estate Economics, Master of Science in Real Estate or „CIS HypZert F“
  • alternatively 240 ECTS from another course of studies. The academic supervisors of the MBA programme will decide if the admission is possible
  • experience in the real estate industry and related sectors
  • a good knowledge of English

Of course we accept ECTs credit points earned at other universities inside and outside Germany. Please contact us if you have questions whether you are qualified for our 15-month MBA programme. We are happy to develop strategies for you to obtain missing ECTs credit points or qualifications.

    Examples of Real-Estate Executive Programmes

    * 60 ECTs: programme in Real-Estate Economics (IRE|BS)
    ** 16 ECTs: programme in real-estate asset management (IRE|BS)

    16 ECTs: programme in corporate real-estate management (IRE|BS)
    16 ECTs: programme in retail asset management (IREBS/GCSC)
    19 ECTs: programme certified real-estate investment analyst (DVFA/IREBS)
    (plus 11-14 ECTs acquired in other programmes or seminars)

    Students may earn credits with additional IRE|BS seminars on campus.

    *** If you have already finished the certified real-estate investment analyst programme and gained (at least) 260 ECTs, it is possible to receive the MBA title in only 34 days. additionally time for writing a Master’s thesis. Students may earn credits with additional IRE|BS seminars on campus.

    Course content

    The Executive MBA in Real Estate Finance comprises three modules covered within fifteen-twenty months. Within the first two modules – General Management and Economics - students receive in-depth insights into Corporate Management and Business Development. The lectures of the third module will teach you about Capital Markets, Real Estate Investments and Portfolio Management.  The modules Economics and General Management lectures are taught in English. The module Finance is taught in german.


    Course summary

    Economics11 days
    General Management22 days
    Finance19 days

    The University of Regensburg is system-accredited by ACQUIN.


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