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You will benefit from up-to-the-minute knowledge and expertise. 

  • IREBS International real estate business school is an affiliated institute of the University of Regensburg, one of the top 25 universities in Germany. 
  • IREBS is the largest real estate research centre in Germany and is renowned for its award-winning research projects.  
  • Knowledge is communicated in an application-oriented manner by distinguished lecturers. Our lecturers include, among others: 
    • Joachim Schmidt, ebl factum rechtsanwälte (legal practice)
    • Prof. Dr. Stephan Bone-Winkel, BEOS
    • Prof. Dr. Dirk Ulrich Gilbert, University of Hamburg
    • Michael Westerhove, CORPUS SIREO Projektentwicklung Wohnen (residential project development)
    • Prof. Dr. Frank Stellmann, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten (lawyers’ partnership)
    • Detlev Brauweiler FRICS, DBI


Our courses and seminars are subject to the highest standards:

  • The MBA in real estate is accredited by the renowned real estate association, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
  • The course content is regularly reviewed by real estate professionals as faculty advisors..
  • IREBS International Real Estate Business School is certified by the Hessen TÜV to the international higher and advanced training standard DIN ISO 29990.
  • The University of Regensburg is Acquin system accredited.
  • Personal consultancy and support throughout study by our studies managers.
  • Award-winning IREBS is regularly acclaimed by leading publications houses and institutions:
    • Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte HONRICS | Real Estate Manager Award 2011 | Category: "Professional of the Year "
    • Prof. Dr. Tobias Just | Real Estate Manager Award 2013 | Category: "Professional of the Year"
    • Prof. Dr. Stephan Bone-Winkel | Real Estate Manager Award 2015 | Category: "Professional of the Year "
  • Three IREBS researchers are placed among the top 100 most influential economists in national rankings: Prof. Dr. Tobias Just, Prof. Dr. Joachim Möller and Prof. Dr. Steffen Sebastian.
  • Researchers of the IREBS Institute for Real Estate Institute of the University of Regensburg in July 2015 received two Best Paper Awards from the European Real Estate Society.
  • Best German advanced training institute: IREBS Real Estate Business School took first place in the 2012 university rankings of the real estate newspaper Immobilien Zeitung. In the “Studies as a whole” category, the advanced training academy was assessed as “very good“. In four individual categories, IREBS International Real Estate Business School held its own against the competition.


You will benefit from our inter-disciplinary approach to teaching. While studying at the IREBS International Real Estate Academy, you will learn to take an integrated approach to real estate from various perspectives. In addition to management aspects, macro-economics, law, urban planning, architecture and engineering form part of a comprehensive and in-depth advanced education.



After more than two decades on the market, IREBS International Real Estate Business School offers excellent contacts in all sectors of industry:

  • The careers of more than 6,000 graduates have been launched on the basis of the advanced training opportunities offered by IREBS International Real Estate Business School.
  • The IMMOEBS alumni association, with more than 2,700 members, is the largest professional network in the German real estate sector.
  • The London-based Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), with more than 130,000 qualified members in 146 countries, is considered internationally to be one of the best renowned associations of real estate professionals.


IREBS International Real Estate Business School works with the world’s major universities: 


Studying at IREBS International Real Estate Business School, guarantees excellent career opportunities. Many of our graduates are now managing successful businesses:


Jörg Kuttig (FRICS)Managing Director, JKT Immobilien1st year Excellence course Executive MBA Real Estate2008
Holger Matheis (FRICS)Director, BEOS11th year BA in Real Estate2003
David A. PieperCEO, Virtù Wealth18th year BA in Real Estate und 2th Exzellence Executive MBA Real Estate2009; 2011
Thomas Wagner (MRICS)Management, GGM Gesellschaft für Gebäude-Management und Geschäftsführung , OFB project development36th year BA in Real Estate2009
Thomas Wirtz (FRICS)Director, ZBI Zentral Boden Immobilien13th year BA in Real Estate and 1st year excellence study Executive MBA Real Estate1996; 2008