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German Debt Project 2022 Online Presentation

IRE|BS Real Estate Finance Research Day

We are pleased to be able to present the results of the "German Debt Project 2022" by the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) on 24 November 2022 at 5.30 p. m. (CET) in english.

The link on the presentation of the study on the German Debt Project 2022 is now available in our webshop.

The commercial real estate financing markets experienced a healthy development in recent years, despite the Corona pandemic. This favorable dynamic came to an end in 2022 in view of the ongoing supply chain problems, the war in Ukraine, and above all rising interest rates. Real estate financing can no longer be provided at the same conditions as in 2021. This applies to almost all real estate market segments, so that opportunistic market players in particular will have to reposition themselves. For project developments, this is associated with postponements and in some cases even sales. Core strategies are the focus. These increasingly include investments based on ESG criteria.

A crisis on the commercial real estate markets as in the years of the financial and economic crisis is currently not foreseeable because the market players are entering this cooling phase in a stable manner. However, this is by no means true for all players, to the extent that not all dynamics associated with this can yet be conclusively assessed.  

The study was prepared by the two IREBS researchers Simon Wiersma and Prof. Dr. Tobias Just. The analysis was based on extensive data evaluations and more than 20 interviews with financing banks. The data and analyses presented summarise the portfolio information of these participating banks and their assessments.

The entire study on the German Debt Project 2022 is now available for purchase in our webshop.

The results will be presented by Professor Tobias Just and then discussed with industry representatives. The discussion panelists will be: Peter Cosmetatos (CREFC); Claudia Hard LL.M. (Greenberg Traurig Germany), Tom Leahy (MSCI) and Dr. Jan Peter Annecke (Helaba) moderated by Markus Hesse (IVA Analytics).

As in previous years, these analyses were only made possible because of the financial support for the study provided by our sponsors. We would like to express our thanks to bulwiengesa, CREFC, Greenberg Traurig, INTREAL, JLL, MSCI and ZIA. The results of the study have not been aligned contextually with the sponsors. We would also like to thank the vdp, who supported us once again, and of course we would like to thank all the participating bank representatives for the data they provided and the time they invested as interviewees.

We would appreciate your participation - or the participation of interested colleagues - in this exciting event.