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Where and When


Duration: 5 days

Studytour in cooperation with Roulac Global.

Period of lecutres
10:00 am up to 9.30 pm

Participants invest 5 days of presens in San Francisco.

Collaboration between IREBS Immobilienakademie, University of Regensburg, University of Maryland's Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development, Meno College and Stanford Professionals in Real Estate.

Tution Fee

Tution fee:  
Early Bird if paid by 1th of July:

3.750,- €
3.500,- €

This program is exempt from VAT.

Included within the tuition are all of the instruction and course materials, opening and closing dinners on Sunday and Friday, one meal Monday - Thursday, logistics and transportation on those days when the group will be moving some distance.

Arrival costs and schedule is on your own responsibility.

Limited Participants

The number of participants is limited to 15 persons.

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Content of study tour

The IRE|BS International Real Estate Business School, part of the University of Regensburg, Germany,­contains both the IRE|BS Department of Real Estate – with ten chairs and professorships in law, ­economics and business administration – and the IRE|BS Real Estate Academy, which offers executive education in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and in Düsseldorf. With its broad range of real estate educational ­programs, IRE|BS is one of the largest and most influential institutes in the real estate sector.

§ Entry requirements

This program shall have a large delegation of graduate/PhD students and professors – from IRE|BS, ­Europe’s largest center for real estate education and research – along with leading property entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals active in the European markets.


Members of IMMOEBS e. V. or IREBS Core e. V. are preferred.

Comments over Stephen Roulac


(University of San Diego)

„...pushes for responding to the long-term fundamentals that he describes so well, shaping our world, rather than short term deal emphasis... He is probably 5 to 20 years ahead of most of us in his sensitivies to trends."


Cofounder and CEO

"His insightful feedback simply makes our company better."