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IREBS Standpunkt Nr. 86

20.02.2020   6699   Dr. Benjamin Schirmer and Dr. Julius Städele, LL.M. (Cambridge)

Law passed to regulate rental housing market in Berlin

Dear readers,

the housing market in Berlin has shown a remarkable upswing in the last few years that has invited domestic and international investors and has raised worries, whether this momentum could be unhealthy (both from a allocative and a distributional standpoint). The Berlin coalition has now proposed a strong law, how to regulate the rental market in order to improve affordability in Berlin. In this „Standpunkt“ two lawyers present the major changes.

Best regards

Tobias Just


Dr. Benjamin Schirmer
Tel: +49 30 20360 2606
E-Mail: benjamin.schirmer@cms-hs.com

Benjamin Schirmer’s practice focuses on environmental, planning and construction law and specifically on infrastructure and energy sector projects. In case of large trans¬actions, he coordinates teams across CMS offices and practice areas and acts as a personal contact for all regulatory issues. His clients include public bodies as well as private companies across all industries.


Dr. Julius Städele, LL.M. (Cambridge)
Tel: +49 30 20360 2606
E-Mail: julius.staedele@cms-hs.com

Julius Städele specialises in public commercial law and procurement, advising public authorities as well as German and international companies on all aspects of public and procurement law. He also represents clients in administrative proceedings and legal disputes and advises them in transactions.