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Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte HonRICS CRE erhält ARES Pioneer Award 2011

„In recognition of his pioneering role in the property discipline and life-long commitment to his students, his colleagues and the ARES organization“ erhielt Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Schulte als erster Nicht-Amerikaner am 15. April 2011 im Rahmen des 27th Annual Meeting of the ARES American Real Estate Society in Seattle/Washington, USA, den ARES Pioneer Award.

In den Statuten heißt es: „The Pioneer Award recognizes and honors people who are (1) at the end of their career and retiring, and (2) have made a lasting contribution of some kind to real estate education and/or research during their career. The award may be given to more than one person annually, or less frequently, depending upon receipt of qualified nominations. A simple majority of the voting members of the ARES Executive Committee decides the award.“
Die eindrucksvolle Liste der Väter der Disziplin, die diesen Preis in der Vergangenheit erhalten haben, beinhaltet Namen wie Hal Smith, Neil Carn, Steven D. Kapplin, Gaylon Greer, Jack Boykin, Arthur Schwartz, G. Donald Jud, Larry E. Wofford, Jack Harris, Albert Egar, Maury Seldin, Theron R. Nelson und James R. Webb.